Become a YouTuber!



Become a YouTuber!

From You to YouTuber: How to Earn a Full-Time Living with 50,000 Subscribers or Less by Chris Connelly

"If all you do is nothing but dream about being successful on Youtube then all you really do is just nothing."


Is it possible to make YouTube your full-time job with less than 50,000 subscribers? YES!

Why do some YouTube channels grow faster than others? How can channels with fewer subscribers create videos that get hundreds of thousands of views? What’s the best way to earn money with a smaller channel? How quickly can a channel make enough money to become self-supporting? 

Based on his experience starting the DailyTekk YouTube channel, Chris answers these questions (and many more) with practical insights, actionable steps and real world examples. Written for YouTube creators with under 50,000 subscribers in a way that even complete beginners can appreciate, From You to YouTuber is a guide to establishing a profitable YouTube channel as quickly as possible. 

Aspiring YouTubers Will Uncover:

  • How to lay the foundation for a successful, money-making channel using the The 5 P’s (Passion, Proficiency, Profitability, Popularity and Producibility).
  • How the HIT² (HIT Squared) video content creation strategy can be used to skyrocket channel views.
  • How to land high-paying sponsored deals.
  • How to convert inbound requests into paying sponsorships. 
  • How to avoid crippling pitfalls.
  • What tools are needed for a successful start.
  • Budget studio creation tips.
  • Tactics for staying motivated.
  • Stories packed with inspiration.

From You to YouTuber is a highly-accessible how-to guide full of relatable stories that bring Chris’ groundbreaking experience and insights to life. Ride along with Chris as he talks a Lamborghini dealership into a test drive, builds a YouTube studio in his garage, scores a free trip to Ft. Lauderdale, learns the hard way what sponsors not to work with and much more.